I have found an old Quran at my place. My mom told me that this Book was from her father who passed away. This Book might be over the 90 years old.. It’s just beautiful.


This is how a Palestinian doctor breaks his long 17 hour fast. God bless unto them all….Gaza .16. July 2014




Allah would never
break your heart,

but rather the heavy rocks
inside of it

to clear the way
to true happiness.

Because He is Al-Wadud,
The Loving One.

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Prayer in Pakistan


Fasting and furious 5


I have to take a walk. Distract myself from this all

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Make du’aa in abundance this Ramadan!
"I cannot cry anymore.
The clouds have sworn to grant the pain
I feel over the land of our crops,
And it is our bitter olives that travel overseas,
Beyond exotic lands, but it is my cries that stay still.
Before the rising of the Sun, I wake by the will of
My Lord, to stand. And where peace comforts the
Air of humanity thousands of miles away,
It is the sound of blood that thickens the air that
I breathe in. I promise you my eyes have hardened,
But I have been told that the Most Merciful will
Look to see what is in my heart. My heart, it hurts
And so the soil beneath me has sworn to
Stand up and right every wrong that had
Lashed out at me, and it is the green grass that has
Shown me happiness in death.
But it was our Lord who promised us justice.
It is the Loving One who shall heal the black wounds,
The Giver shall give.
They have taken my mother, my father,
My brother, my sister
And I cannot cry anymore.
They have taken my tears,
But surely the rivers of Paradise have promised me
A home there besides their heavenly waters.
I cannot cry anymore, I tell you. They have taken my tears.
But Oh humanity, the Giver has given.
They have taken my tears and so I laugh,
Because for me, it is my humble abode that awaits patiently.
But for them, what is to become of the oppressors?
And my Lord knows best…"
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An injured child kisses the hand of his injured mum as a result if an Israeli assault on Gaza

This is not about religion. This is innocent people being murdered. Children witnessing their own parents being killed. We’re too wrapped up in our own lives, too blind to see what really matters in the world. Everyone’s out here preaching about love and peace yet turning their cheek on a country that has not seen peace for 65 years. It’s not even a war it’s genocide. #freepalestine #freegaza #prayforpalestine #prayforgaza

this palestinian woman takes bombs that the israelis throw and plants flowers inside them it’s beautiful #PrayForGaza #prayforpalestine #repost